Check Court & Case Status

By May 15, 2018Criminal Resources


How do I check a court date?  How do I find out the status of a case?

Court dates and case status can be checked on the website for the Brevard County Clerk of the Circuit Court:

Jessica J. Travis gives her clients court dates in writing, by email or by text.

Will my court date be cancelled or changed?

Possibly.  In Brevard County, the arraignment may be cancelled or moved.  Before you go to court, double check your court date with your attorney or on the clerk website:

Jessica J. Travis is email and text friendly for easy client contact and notifies her clients of any court date changes.

Do I have to appear to all my court dates?

Yes, unless told otherwise by your attorney.  Sometimes your attorney can waive your appearance but don’t assume she can or, if she has once already, that she can again.

Jessica J. Travis minimizes the number of times her client must appear in court.

What should I wear to court?

A church or job-interview outfit.

Experience has taught Jessica J. Travis that judges respond better to people who are dressed respectfully.