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By May 15, 2018Criminal Resources


A loved one has been arrested, now what?

If you are able, arrange to post bond and call an attorney.

Arrested? Now what?

How to pick a lawyer?

How do I check my loved one’s court date?

Check court date and case status

Can the charges be dropped?

Can the charges be dropped?

What can we expect in court?

The case will be set for a few scheduling hearings before an important hearing occurs.  For scheduling hearings, in-custody defendants may not be transported from the jail.  Talk to your loved one or attorney to before taking off work to attend a court date.

Jessica J. Travis is often able to minimize the number of times her clients and family members need to appear in court.

How long will my loved-one be in jail?

Until they post bond or are sentenced.  Unfortunately, cases take months – sometimes years on serious charges – to resolve. Ask your attorney for a realistic estimate on how long the case will take.

If my loved-one goes to prison, where will they be located?

Prisoners are transported from jail to a DOC reception center.  In Brevard County, male inmates are typically sent to a reception center in Orlando.  Females are usually sent to Ocala.  At the reception center, the Department Of Corrections (DOC) determines where the inmate will be housed.  Housing locations can be found at:

Can I be forced to testify against my family member?

Yes.  Family members can be subpoenaed and required to testify.
However, pursuant to Florida Statute §90.504, a spouse may not be required to testify against the other regarding confidential conversations.  This privilege does NOT apply when the spouse is the victim – i.e., domestic battery.