Independent Investigation

By May 29, 2018Take Control


Can I collect my own evidence?
Yes.  Take photos and video.*  Document injuries.  Keep text and voice messages.  If the case involves harassment or a series of events, keep a diary.  Get witness names and contact information.**  Bring all this information when you meet with your attorney.  A Case Plan with Jessica J. Travis always includes a discussion of evidence that has been collected and what needs to be collected.

* It is against the law to audio and video record someone without their authorization during private conversation or in a private location.  (No recorded phone calls.)

**It is not recommended that you interview witnesses on your own because it can be interpreted as witness tampering.  Give the information to your attorney and use an investigator to do interviews.

Can I hire my own investigator? 
Yes.  Jessica J. Travis has obtained dismissals, reduction of charges and ‘not guilty’ verdicts after using an independent, qualified criminal investigator.  Typically, when you hire an attorney the cost of the investigator is in addition to the retainer.  If you are unable to afford an investigator, you may be eligible to apply for cost assistance.  Ms Travis has qualified, reasonably priced investigators that she trusts and will consult in developing your case plan.