Injured – Take Control

By May 29, 2018Take Control


I feel like the situation is out-of-control.  What can I do?
Develop a Case Plan.  Jessica J. Travis impowers her clients to take as much control as possible by developing a Case Plan.

In a personal injury or civil case, the Case Plan considers:

  • Evaluation of responsibly parties
  • Evidence of liability
  • Evidence of causation
  • Client’s injury and treatment needs
  • Ms Travis’ professional evaluation

The goal is that the client leaves the initial meeting knowing the next step and assured that as much as possible is being done.  Jessica puts her clients in the best possible position to make decisions.

In a personal injury civil case, how do I know whether to settle or go to trial?
The time for decision is often not ripe until the client has completed treatment and Jessica has engaged in discovery, depositions and negotiations.  Prior to trial, Jessica will inform clients of the pros and cons to help the client decide whether to take a settlement amount or pursue higher recovery in front of a jury.