Pick an Attorney

By May 29, 2018Take Control


Look for 3 types of experience: 

Does the attorney have EXPERIENCE fighting this type of case?
Jessica J. Travis has handled every type of charge from DUI to murder and fought for clients suffering from injury and victimization.

Does the attorney have EXPERIENCE in the court that will be handling the case?
Jessica J. Travis has appeared in front of almost every judge in Brevard County and many judges in other jurisdictions.  She is licensed in Florida, Kansas, Missouri and has been admitted in federal courts including U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida.

Did you have a good EXPERIENCE when you met with the attorney? Did the attorney listen to you or talk about themselves? Does she appear available?  Do you feel she will fight for you in court?  Did she appear knowledgeable and organized?
Jessica J. Travis has represented thousands of clients from all walks of life.  She is text and email friendly.  She develops a case plan for clients so they know what to expect.  Call for a Jessica free consultation:  321-728-7280