What a public records lawsuit looks like

By August 10, 2023Public Records

Citizens in Florida not only have a right to transparency in their government, they also demand it. Sometimes, in order to protect those rights, you have to defend them in court. That’s exactly the case in my latest fight to Defend Brevard.

In this specific case, even an elected official, Brevard School Board member Jennifer Jenkins find herself in the position many citizens do when meeting resistance from producing public records. She requested the public records of fellow School Board member Matt Susin, and after months of non-compliance with Florida law, was forced to file a lawsuit in order to have the courts force him to comply with Florida’s Sunshine Laws.

Unfortunately, Mr. Susin is still resisting the release of the public records, and enjoying tax payer funds to defend his actions. He has filed for a motion to dismiss the case. Arguments were heard on the motion earlier this week, and we await a ruling from the court.

Below is the original lawsuit filed on Mrs. Jenkins’ behalf, as well as our response to the motion to dismiss.

Amended Complaint Response to Motion to Dismiss